Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Listening Quiz

I think I told you guys that this blogging thing is new to me! I'm sorry for extending Week 1 into Week 2, but I was juggling a little too much last week! Please forgive!

So I spent some time trying to find good quizzes last week and it was harder than I expected. There are a lot of quizzes about listening in conversation but not many about listening in writing -- and well, at TMN anyway, we "listen" through the written word all day long! I wanted to make sure we touched on that part of it too, so today I'm going to share a "listening through speech" quiz I found online... and then tomorrow, I'll be back to talk about how we can listen through the written word.

First, let's look at how you listen when you're having an in-person conversation. Take a moment to take this simple 15-question quiz.

Ok, I know I admitted last week that this is not one of my strongest areas... but its still a little embarrassing to admit that I scored 39 out of 60 on this quiz.

How do you rate?
50-60 Excellent! You have exceptional listening skills.40-49 Above average, but you could improve your skills.
30-39 Your score is promising, but you could greatly improve.
15-29 You need serious listening training.
 Ok, so I can greatly improve... I guess I already knew that! I know that the things I need to work on are to stop interrupting when people are talking and to allow people the opportunity to finish before I start planning what I am going to say next. Right there, in the moment, I get excited and impatient to say what's on my mind. I need to remember that the person across the table deserves time to get their point across and I need to focus my entire attention on THEIR point before I start formulating my own.

How did you do on this test? Did the questions give you any insight into what your strengths are as a listener? What about your weaknesses? Where can you improve in this area? Think of one thing you can do the next time you are in a face-to-face conversation to be a better listener and then go out and DO IT!

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