Friday, September 28, 2012

Where will we be in ten years?

This year marks ten years since Heidi and I founded CharlotteMommies. It almost seems unreal to me that our little group of five on that first MNO has turned into a network of over 30,000 women across the country. If you had told me then, I wouldn't have believed you... but today, I'm full of hopes and dreams of TMN becoming even BIGGER and better than ever... of reaching not just thousands of moms, but MILLIONS of moms. I would love every mom to have a local chapter in her community, where she can find friendships and gain support from her fellow moms. Wouldn't that be amazing?

TMN holds an Annual Appeal each year to raise funds for our network -- funds that help us to do new things, that help us grow and reach more moms. This year, some of the CharlotteMommies created a video sharing their feelings about CharlotteMommies and The Mommies Network. It was fun to make the video, but even more fun to hear how profoundly being a part of this network has changed these women's lives.

Will you join me and help TMN grow and provide valuable connections to moms across the country?

Please take a moment to view our fundraising campaign and share it via social media or word-of-mouth. Just $10 keeps our network running for 80 minutes. That's enough time for a lonely mom to find a friend, a struggling mom to find support, a grieving mom to find a hug, and a searching mom to find answers.

Thank you for supporting the network that supports moms. I am so excited about sharing the next ten years with you!

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