Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get to Know Yourself! Quizzes Galore!

So I thought, since we are going to be taking this journey together, it might be fun to know who we are when we start!

I've been looking for some leadership quizzes to share with you, so that you can get an idea of your leadership strengths and weaknesses and know what you need to focus on as we move forward in our discussion about Servant Leadership.

If you have some time over the next few days, check these out and learn a little about yourself and your own leadership style. Often, just knowing our strengths and weaknesses is half the battle -- when we can work within our strengths and find help for areas where we are weak, we are better leaders to those who follow us!

Leadership Styles Assessment Test
This is a pretty cool test that ranks you in six different areas based upon your answers to 30 multiple choice questions. The descriptions they give for each "type" of leader are really interesting and I think this is a great assessment tool to see where your strengths as a leader lie.

In the interest of fairness (after all, I'm never going to ask you to do something that I won't do!), here are the results of my quiz:
Ambassador – your score is 21 points out of 25

Advocate – your score is 17 out of 25

People Mover – your score is 21 out of 25

Truth-Seeker – your score 18 out of 25
Creative builder – your score is 24 out of 25
Experienced guide – your score is 21 out of 25

Leadership Style Quiz
Another, shorter, quiz, that asks twelve multiple choice questions to determine your placement in one of four categories (Visionary, Nurturer, Teacher and Organizer). I wasn't surprised that I was highest in "Visionary" -- but it was a little sad (yet not terribly surprised) to see that I had a big fat zero in "Organizer"!

My results are below, just in case you want to see where I fall.
Leadership Style
Your Result: Visionary (East)
You are a visionary. You see the big picture and are a generative and creative thinker. You think outside the box and are good at problem solving. You think a lot about the future and use future thinking to make decisions. You like to experiment and explore possibilities. You value words like "option, possibility and imagination". You look for themes, patterns and connections to help you interpret things.

Leadership Style Quiz (2)
Another multiple choice quiz that asks twenty questions to determine what type of leader you are. They've coined their own "types" but from the descriptions, you can get a pretty good idea of your style. Here's mine:

Your Score Is... 164

Your leadership type is: The Enlightened Warrior (Score: 123-200)

Whether they've worked hard to develop their leadership qualities or they're one of the lucky ones to be born that way, Enlightened Warriors have what it takes to lead a team towards success. People who fall into this category possess excellent people skills and a knack for inspiring both enthusiasm and loyalty from others.

With their strong drive to succeed and their eyes constantly on the horizon, Enlightened Warriors are always on top of the latest business trends, ready to seize upon good opportunities. Individuals with this leadership type don't wait for things to happen - they make them happen. Always willing to go out on a limb when necessary, they can easily adapt to the often unpredictable changes in the business world.
Enlightened Warriors take their responsibility as leader very seriously and do their best to set an example for those that follow them. They command respect from others by offering the same degree of respect in return.

I know these quizzes don't specifically touch on servant leadership. There are some out there, but they didn't really assess your strengths and weaknesses the way the ones above do... and I felt that, at least for this exercise, it was more important to get an idea of where you fall as a leader than having the word "servant leadership" in the quiz!

Taking the time to learn a little bit about yourself and your leadership style can only help you further in your quest to become a better and more effective leader. Knowing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is a great first step in leadership growth! I hope you guys had fun with these little quizzes today and, hopefully, have learned a little bit about yourselves in the process!


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  1. We scored the same except on the 2nd one - I am an Organizer :)