Monday, August 29, 2011

But I’m Not a Doctor! What is Healing in the Leadership Sense?

I will admit that it is weird to see the word “healing” as a description for a leader. So let’s first start with defining what “healing” means in this sense.

Wikipedia’s Servant Leadership Article states: “A great strength of a Servant Leader is the ability for healing one’s self and others. A servant leader tries to help people solving their problems and conflicts in relationships, because he wants to develop the skills of each individual. This leads to the formation of a business culture, in which the working environment is characterized by dynamic, fun and no fear from failure.”

Triple Creek Resource Center’sHealing as a Leadership Attribute” defines Healing Leaders as “…those who inspire and enable wholeness to happen by modeling vulnerability, openness, hope and caring. They are present, concerned, realistic, and truly desire to enrich others. They also have a practical impact on those whom they influence.”

As you can see by these definitions, in the leadership sense, healing is more about repairing relationships and creating an environment that is open and supportive, so that each team member feels empowered to share ideas and concerns without fear.

Think on that for a bit… in the next couple days, we’ll look at some real-world examples and see how a healing-focused leadership style can make a positive impact on your company.

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