Friday, August 19, 2011

So I'm back... for real this time!

I've been writing and writing and I'm ready to really really get back to our series on Servant Leadership. I hope you guys can forgive me for the very extended delay!

In an effort to refresh us and get us back on track, I thought it would be fun to post two things I found while doing my research in the past couple weeks. Both come from the website Modern Servant Leader (which I am now following with interest!)

The first is called the Servant Leader Manifesto. I actually posted this on my Facebook page yesterday, so my apologies for re-posting, but its so good it deserves some extra attention!

The second is the Leadership Assessment for Servant Leaders. It gives some really great real-world situations and demonstrates the different characteristics of servant leadership. Excellent way to assess how you handle certain situations and compare to the various servant leadership characteristics.

I also urge you to go back and review the earlier posts on Servant Leadership and its first characteristic, Listening, right here on my blog.

I again apologize for such a huge lapse in writing... I'm really excited to be back and talking about servant leadership with you again!


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