Tuesday, October 22, 2013



I have this on my mind today as I am in the process of completing something I've dreamed of (in one form or fashion) for a very long time. I remember a time when this accomplishment was nothing more than a thought in my head, a great idea worth considering, when time permitted. It made it on the list, but who knew when it would find its way to the top.

Many of my projects are like this -- things I really *want* to do, but things that, for whatever reason, always seem to be displaced by things I *need* to do instead. Sometimes the things I *want* to do actually become things I *need* to do, for whatever reason, and that's when times like this happen, and I get to watch something come together that I imagined long ago.

It's so easy for me to get overwhelmed by the giant to-do list I have each day... to be frustrated by the unending list of *needs* that constantly push aside my *wants* and demand my attention. Days like today remind me that the mere act of putting it on the list is a decision to TRY, to dream up a world in which this thing EXISTS and WORKS and makes lives easier. And despite the fact that it may be days, weeks, months or even years before that dream becomes a reality, knowing its there, knowing I've made the decision to try it, means that someday it might come true.

Today I look at my to-do list as a list of future accomplishments. It seems much less overwhelming that way.

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