Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shiny Happy People

Have you ever noticed how perfect people seem on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, or even our own chapters here at TMN? Sometimes, I will admit, it seems like some lives are just too wonderful, too filled with great activities, happy smiling faces, pretty dresses and lovely backdrops of beautiful lakes or aesthetic old barns.

Sometimes I look at these things and I feel a tiny bit jealous. It seems easy for everyone else. They are doing all these great fun things and everyone is happy and no one is frustrated or overwhelmed or anxious about anything.

I think "What's wrong with me?" that I can't have this perfection in my daily life, the clean house, the spontaneous art projects on the living room rug, the pretty clothes and beach trips and happy smiles everywhere you go. Why does my life seem filled most days with work and struggling to get everything done and picking which part of my life will be disappointed while I scurry to pick up the slack in the other areas -- will the house be a mess? will the kids spend the afternoon in front of the tv because I have to work? will I be able to get work done with such a messy house and kids to entertain? Its enough to drive a person crazy!

But the truth is, what I see on Facebook is no different than what I put on Facebook -- its the happy little moments in my life that I am willing to share with others. Facebook would be pretty depressing if everyone got real -- so maybe its okay that people are sticking mostly to the happy parts.

I have to remind myself that what others put out there isn't the everything -- they are just showing the "highlight reel" of their life, editing out the bloopers and ugly parts and showing off the finished shiny product.  I have to remember that my "behind-the-scenes" footage is probably not much different from anyone else's... and not let myself be tricked into thinking otherwise.

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