Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Red Balloons

My dear friend and co-worker Noel likes to joke that my job is to blow up red balloons full of new ideas and her job is to pop some of them to keep us grounded in reality. She is always very supportive of my "great ideas" but she also keeps me from losing focus by chasing after too many at once.

In business, its certainly important to be grounded in reality -- but that doesn't mean you can't dream and think of "impossible things." Each new product, each new service, each new company comes from one person's dream -- one person's ability to believe in something impossible long enough to make it possible.

Practice thinking the impossible. Blow up your own red balloons and see if any of them soar. Many possibilities were once impossible to imagine... who knows what great new idea you can discover when you step outside the box!

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