Friday, October 25, 2013


Excitement. It's hard not to get excited when someone else is excited, isn't it? You see how jived up they are about whatever it is they are jived up about and it makes you just a bit jived up about it too.

So when I read this quote, from Joyce's Portrait, despite the fact that it was being used to point out how the things being taught to Stephen and his classmates were mere rote with no sense of understanding from those they were meant to educate, I actually saw how this COULD be used to educate... such a simple statement that says so so much.

Excitement is definitely important. As someone in nonprofits, I love passionate people because they are so excited about what they are doing that they are willing to volunteer to do it! I NEED excited people!

But being excited without being SMART.... its like being lost in the ocean. What is the point of being excited if you go off half-crazy and don't think through what it is you are hoping to accomplish? Its easy to get excited about a project, but its important to throw in a bit of caution to keep your course clear ahead! Red balloons are great, but not if you allow them to lift you up into the air and never get back down again!

Be excited. Be passionate. But be SMART too.

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