Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Concept to Reality

Its great to have a concept, but the real skill is the ability to actualize it and make it a reality. How do you do that?

First, you need to understand that your concept is a goal -- it is the point you would like to reach. Its unlikely that this is something that is a step or two away, so you need to see it as a destination in the distance and your implementation strategy is the path you build to get there.

Yesterday we talked about how imperative it is to be aware of who you are now, in order to begin to see how you can become who you want to be. Here is where this characteristic of self-awareness is key: you must know from where you are starting in order to plan how to reach your destination (your goal). You have to be brutally honest here -- inflating who you are is only going to cause pitfalls in the path ahead.

Once you know where you are (self-assessment) and where you want to go (concept/goal), design the best path to get there. Just as you would look at a roadmap and consider all the factors of travel when planning a trip (distance, time, ease of travel, traffic congestion, etc), so you must consider every factor as you plan your roadmap to your goal. Who do you need to help you make this a reality? What resources do you already have available? What resources are available outside of your organization that might assist you or make your pathway more solid and secure? What combination of resources will produce the best end result?

Finally, but certainly most important, prepare your team for the road ahead. Help them see the goal as clearly as you do, and understand how it will collectively benefit the organization. Show them the clear pathway to the goal and encourage them to come along with you. Give them a clear understanding of the benefits of reaching the goal and a clear pathway to reach the goal, and they will come along with you on the journey and help you attain the goal.

See the destination. Clear the path. Show the way. Help everyone reach the destination.

It can't be any easier, folks. Try it!

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