Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So... can you give me a minute?

Hi everyone.

I know that we are sort of in the middle of a series on Servant Leadership. But I'd like to take this week to pause from our "regularly scheduled" programming to share with you an experience I had this weekend, and to give you all a great example of what servant leadership in action looks like.

In addition to my duties at TMN, I am also on the Board of Directors for the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, a suicide prevention organization. I was asked to be on the board to champion the 1-800-PPD-MOMS project, which is now a joint collaboration between KBHC and TMN.

Last weekend, KBHC participated in the 8th Annual World Suicide Prevention Day and Global Night for Hope in Washington DC, on the lawn of the Capitol Building.

I have to say that it was amazing to be around so many people who truly exhibit all of the characteristics of a servant leader. The focus of our weekend training was on active listening, being empathetic toward those we were helping and having the awareness to know when someone needs more (and also the awareness to know when WE need a good recharge too). Sound familiar?

So this week, I'd like to share some of my experiences and tell you about some of the amazing people that I met this week who are servant leaders in action. Its my hope that you will see how these people are MAKING THINGS HAPPEN and changing the world, all because they are willing to put the needs of those around them as a priority and care for their fellow man.

I want to leave you today with something a bit off topic, but something very important none-the-less. I couldn't mention my weekend without telling you about the stories that I heard from parents who have lost their children to suicide, most often because they were not provided with the resources and support they need to successfully battle the depression and PTSD they were dealing with. People slip through the cracks every single day. That's why it is SO important for us to pay attention to those around us, to care for them, to listen to them and to be there for them -- our employees, our friends, our teammates -- because you truly never know when that ONE thing that you do, that ONE moment you give to another person, may be just the thing they need to keep going another day and fighting their battle.

Kevin Lucey lost his son to suicide. Please, I know its hard to listen to. I know it will make you cry to watch this. But please take the three minutes and hear his story... and pass it along. Joining together, caring together, we CAN keep people like Jeffrey from falling through the cracks. We can make a difference.

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