Monday, September 26, 2011

Step outside the box -- its a big world out there!

This week, we’re going to talk a little bit about the sixth characteristic of a servant leadership, conceptualization.

Wikipedia states the following on its Servant Leadership entry:

A servant leader thinks beyond day-to-day realities. That means he has the ability to see beyond the limits of the operating business and also focuses on long term operating goals. A Leader constructs a personal vision that only he can develop by reflecting on the meaning of life. As a result, he derives specific goals and implementation strategies.

What does this mean?

It means a servant leader thinks “outside the box.” Heck, some servant leaders don’t even hang out in the box – they live outside it!

A good leader is able to look at a problem or issue within his company or team and see beyond the current solutions to what solutions might be available beyond their normal scope.

For example, a start-up company is struggling with its marketing needs, having only one person to handle the entire department. A long list of major start-up projects puts the timeline further and further out for completion.

A stagnant leader might see only what is in front of him, the funding to pay only one person, who is unable to complete the project in the timeline needed. He might not see how the project can be completed at all. He might demand more of his one employee, causing him to be resentful and bitter. As a result, the project may not ever be completed and, as a startup, the entire company may eventually fail.

A great leader will look beyond what he currently has. Instead of saying “Oh, we can’t do that” when presented with an idea or a solution, he says “How can we do that?” He looks beyond what lies right in front of him and takes off the blinders. He opens himself up to new ideas, new concepts, new solutions, and as a result, finds better success, because he doesn’t focus on the limitations, but rather the possibilities.

Ask yourself today – are you someone who focuses on the limitations you have? Or do you look beyond those limitations and see the possibilities of what you can accomplish? I encourage everyone today to take a step outside the box – the air is fresh and the ideas are new and ever-improving. You’ll never know what great things lie ahead if you aren’t willing to go looking for them!

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