Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keys to Conceptualization

The thing about servant leadership is that you can't really talk about one characteristic of this leadership style without somehow incorporating at least one or two more. The great thing is how all of these characteristics work together to create a successful team environment.

Such is true with the idea of conceptualization. In order to be successful at conceptualizing, you need to be skilled in other areas, such as awareness, listening and empathy.

In order to conceptualize where you want to be and how to get there, you first need to truly understand where you are and who you are as an organization. Lack of awareness will lead to lack of conceptualization. You must know first what you have and what you need before you can determine how to get it.

Once you know where you are, its important to listen. Listen to what your employees are saying about your company and learn where they feel you need to grow and improve. Listen to the outside world and find out what is out there that you can utilize to become more successful. The more you listen and keep an open mind about the information you hear, the more you will have to work with as you build your vision of the future.

Finally, empathize. Remember that your staff is your vehicle to any change, to any improvement, to any success, and without them, you are certain to fail. Keep their concerns in mind, as they are the implementers and you need their support. If you aren't concerned about what effects your team, how can you expect them to be concerned about your vision for the future?

In order to form a concept of what you can be, you must first know who you are, know what resources you have and know what resources you can obtain outside of your organization. To ensure the success of your concept, you must ensure your team is supported and feels that you value their input and concerns, so that they will come along with you and help you make your vision a success.

What is your vision for the future in your leadership role? Have you developed a concept? How will you turn it into a reality? A great leader knows the way is through caring for their team and getting them on board. Conceptualization, while key to a servant leader, is only successful when one is mindful of all the other servant leadership characteristics and is utilizing them appropriately.

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